Rethinking Climate Education: youth environmental activism


On 23 and 24 September 2021, Padua will host the first Youth Action Festival organised by the students of the University of Padua and co-funded by the University.

This 2-day event is a multidisciplinary initiative that aims to support the spirit of community activism in Padua, the European Volunteer Capital 2020, by involving young people through collaborative workshops with local businesses, institutions and individuals promoting sustainable development goals.

Within the framework of the Festival, among the numerous proposals there is also one involving a group of students who took part in the Arqus Winter School & Unipd Spring School "Rethinking climate risk: the Venice paradigm": in the meeting entitled "Rethinking Climate Education" they will present their experience focusing on youth environmental activism (24 September at 12.30 - Teatro Ruzante, Padua).  The discussion will start from the presentation of a research report submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the Arqus Spring School and it will be centred upon steps students can take to become environmental activists in their local communities, and how schools, institutions and civil society organizations are providing young people with knowledge and inputs on local and global climate risks.