The Nobel laureate Michael W. Young is the first to be given a honorary research doctorate degree from the University of Padova


Michael W. Young, 2017 Nobel laureate in medicine and physiology, to become the first honorary research doctor of the University of Padova in relation to his "exceptional profile of scientist and researcher, the vastness and his importance of scientific production" as well as "for the fundamental discoveries in the field of chronobiology". 

ceremony will be held on September 18, as Rector Rosario Rizzuto will present the conferral of doctorate in Biosciences to the American scholar. Prof. Young will hold a lecture on the molecular mechanisms that control circadian rhythms; his contributions in this field has earned him the Nobel Prize, shared with colleagues Jeffrey Hall and Michael Rosbash. 

Michael W. Young has discovered many of the genes and proteins that make up the circadian clock of the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster). The principles of his research demonstrate that this internal clock response revealed to be in common to that of most organisms, including humans. His findings have profoundly affected the understanding of the mechanisms that regulate the alternation of sleep and wakefulness, thought to be the origin of some metabolic, immune response, and learning disorders. 

Participation in the ceremony is free by registration only (registration date to be announced).