math library

New space for the Mathematics Library


On Monday 19 February, the University of Padua inaugurated a new Mathematics Library space at the Torre Archimede via Trieste in Padua. The inauguration welcomes many participants, including Pro-Rectors Monica Salvadori, Matilde Girolami, and Carlo Pellegrino, as well as CAB Director Sebastiano Miccoli, Mathematics Department Director Bruno Chiarellotto, and a special performance by the Department Choir “il Corollario”.

The Mathematics Library is not only a place for study and research, but it has evolved as a space that promotes and shares math with science.

The restyling of the new space acts as a true library with library staff and interactive display cases that hold more than 30,500 books along open shelves. The Mathematics Library will be a place of research in mathematics and computer science, as well as the study of maths in a broad sense.

With 4 large rooms dedicated to students of the department, the library now includes 350 study stations equipped with electrical sockets (previously holding 120), as well as adjustable study tables, blackboards, and glass screens for users with special needs. The Mathematics Library study spaces will remain open from 8:30 am to 11 pm.