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The New Padua East Hospital Complex project is presented


The project for the Polo della Salute di Padova Est, a new hospital complex located in the San Lazzaro district east of Padua, which will be added to the Polo Giustiniani of Padua’s city centre, was presented on November 28th. The approval of the executive project is expected for the end of 2024. 

The new complex Polo della Salute di Padova Est, with 963 beds (90 intensive care beds), will be a high specialisation and interregional hub that covers approximately 40 hectares in the eastern district of the city of Padua. The complex will hold approximately 212,000m2 of space that occupies a multipurpose area, inpatient and outpatient activities, a research tower, and a service hub.

new hospital

Positioned as a sustainable building, thanks to a careful choice of materials, the technologically advanced complex will ensure high-energy performance. With as many as 45 operating rooms, equipped with the latest technological advances, the complex will reach beyond healthcare needs with the addition of a Research Tower where university activities will integrate research, teaching, and technological transfer.

University of Padua Rector, Daniela Mapelli, shares comments that underline the importance the research tower, "Our vision and our ability to respond to the medical needs of tomorrow is the cornerstone of our efforts as we create a cutting-edge hospital complex for the future. Forward thinking means understanding the fundamental role research is for society as a whole. Research comes from innovation and thanks to the presence of a dedicated research tower; we will have a fast track to transfer research into clinical activities. As we present the progress we have made towards the realization of this project, we must take the opportunity to thank all those within the University who have been involved in its development. The dedication of a multidisciplinary team once again confirms the importance of uniting a combination of different and complementary knowledge together, which is also one of the fundamental values of our university.

new hospital

The Polo Giustiniani, with 719 beds, will continue to offer emergency services (Pronto Soccorso), but will also offer a New Pediatric Hospital (nuovo Ospedale Pediatrico) in the first part of 2025. A new Mother and Child Hospital (Ospedale Mamma Bambino), will be built after the demolition of buildings currently occupying other activities (Infectious Diseases, Obstetrics Clinic, Obstetrics Division, Neurosciences building). Furthermore, the project for a multifunctional area with an emergency room, a radiology department and the possibility of an additional birth centre is in the works.

Comments from the Veneto President, Luca Zaia,"The new hospital complex will be a complement to the larger plan for the renovation of the older local hospital, which will be completely renovated. The new hospital has a basic structure, which, in nine years, will certainly not be obsolete because of all the contents, instruments, machinery and so on. This will not only be a hospital just for the city, which remains under Giustiniani,but an international hospital enriched by an ambitious research tower. The Polo della Salute di Padova Estand the Polo Giustiniani will be known as one of the greatest projects for international healthcare, research, and services. I would add that a doctor who graduates today can look at this hospital as a real point of arrival in their career."

The overall amount within the economic framework for the project is € 870,819,000.00.