Honorary degree to Klaus Fischer


On July 19, at 12 pm, the University of Padua awards the honorary degree in Civil and Industrial Safety Engineering to Klaus Fischer, President, and owner of the fischer Group of Companies.

The honorary academic title was proposed by the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padua for his contribution in developing the fischer Group, which is the European market leader in fastening technology and the world market leader for anchors.  The fischer Group employs over 5,200 people worldwide in 50 different subsidiaries across 38 countries and enjoys over 3,000 registered patents under its name.

Klaus Fischer founded the Active House in 2016, which aims to develop the "House of the Future" with ecological objectives based on the triple zero principles; zero energy building, zero-emission building, zero-waste building, and the introduction of dowels made from completely recyclable material to the marketplace. In 2015, the German company developed its fischer Process System (fPS) which earned them recognition for its dedication to continually optimizing its processes and high level of quality. In 2016, he launched a research and technology transfer laboratory at the University of Stuttgart Black Forest Campus which houses a centre for digitization, leadership, and sustainability, which began offering a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in 2019.

In 1997, Klaus Fischer was appointed honorary senator of the University for Soil Culture in Vienna. In 1999, honorary senator from Stuttgart University, and 2007, honorary professor of the Tongji University in Shanghai. Since 2013, he has been an active University of Padua supporter in study and research, such as the Klaus Fischer Award for Academic Excellence and various technology transfer projects.

The live award ceremony for the honorary degree from the University of Padua to Klaus Fischer can be viewed from the Youtube UniPadova channel with translations in Italian.