Honorary Doctorate Degree to Orazio Pietro Attanasio


With the resolution of the University of Padua Department of Economics and Management proposal, on May 16 at 5 p.m. in the Aula Magna of Palazzo del BoRector Daniela Mapelli confers the honorary doctorate in Economics and Management - Economics curriculum to the Cowles Professor of Economics at Yale University, Orazio Pietro Attanasio.

Awarding the scholar "based on his contributions to the research of the microeconomic foundations of macroeconomics and development economics through rigorous data analysis."

Worth noting are Prof Attanasio's research interests in household consumptionsaving and labour supply behaviorrisk sharing; evaluation and design of economic and social policies in developing countries, and the effectiveness of microcredit. He has also studied the accumulation of human capital in developing countries; and the long-term effects of early childhood interventions in education. Of particular note is his focus on the external validity of economic and social policy interventions, whereby field experiment results contribute to the context of structural models.

Prof Attanasio has received several academic acknowledgments including the Presidency of the European Economic Society and the Econometric Society, the Carlos Diaz-Alejandro Prize established by the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association, and the Kaus J. Jacobs Research Prize of the Jacobs Foundation.  Awarded an Advanced ERC Grant (twice), and an ESRC Professorial Fellowship, Prof Attenasio has also served as a consultant to the World Bank and numerous developing country governments.

Participation is open upon registration.

A live streaming of the event will be available on the University of Padua YouTube channel.