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Extraordinary measures to support the housing costs of newly enrolled students


The increase in the number of students enrolled in the University of Padua, especially the number of international students, seriously affects the local real estate market.  Difficulties in finding accommodation are largely due to the limitations placed on shared living spaces resulting from the pandemic.

In light of this situation, the Board of Directors approves to disperse 1 million euros towards the housing costs of newly enrolled students whose ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Index) range is below 50,000 euros. The substantial funding is valid for students who began their university enrollment during 2020/2021 or the 2021/2022 academic years, with priority for international students followed by non-resident students.

Reimbursements include a maximum of 50 euros per day, with a gross total of 500 euros, for students whose housing expenses accrued from facilities such as hotels or bed and breakfasts between September and December 2021. If the number of requests exceeds the amount available, those with the lowest ISEE range will be given priority.

The new call is expected by the end of November.