Eternity between Space and Time: from consciousness to the cosmos (EST)


Centro congressi Orto Botanico, May 19-20 / Teatro Ruzante, May 21, 2022

The international conference "Eternity between Space and Time: from Consciousness to the Cosmos" (EST) addresses a theme that is as important as it is impressive: eternity. We are used to thinking only of things that are spatially and temporally limited, so it is very difficult to conceive of the absolute absence of perimeters, as the concept of eternity implies. EST has taken up this challenge by involving scholars from different disciplines, from physics to psychology, from philosophy to theology. It is experiences like this that promote scientific revolutions.

Under the scientific direction of Ines Testoni, Fabio Scardigli and Andrea Toniolo, EST brings together Nobel Prize winners and internationally renowned scholars to discuss how to approach the concept of eternity in an innovative way. This could be a first step of authentic and reciprocal interdisciplinary fecundation that confirms the University of Padua, as it has for eight hundred years, to be an inexhaustible forge of innovation.