EALE Virtual Conference Padua 2021


The Department DSEA - Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padua hosts the EALE 2021 Virtual Conference from 16 until 18 September 2021.

This 33rd editition will move fully online

The conference offers the following session types for academic exchange.
Plenary lectures: Plenary I: The “Marco Fanno” special lecture - Fabiano Schivardi, LUISS University, Rome, Plenary II: The Adam Smith lecture - Imran Rasul, University College London, United Kingdom, Plenary III: The Frisch – Tinbergen lecture - Maia Güell, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The European Association of Labour Economists - EALE was founded in 1989 in order to promote the advancement of knowledge in the field of labour economics in Europe and elsewhere. It is a broad-based organisation in which all schools of analysis are welcome to participate. Its activities include the organisation of international conferences and workshop, the promotion of the study and application of labour economics, the formation of international groups concerned with research and teaching, and support to publications in the field of labour economics.

Registration is mandatory.