Censis: The University of Padua is still at the top


Releasing its twenty-first edition, the Censis 2021/2022 ranking again places The University of Padua at the top of all Italian universities.

The ranking examines the Italian university system, including state and non-state universities, categorized by size.  The evaluation is based on available structures, student services, internationalization, digital communication, and postgraduate employability. Among mega state universities (institutes with over 40,000 students), Padua ranks second with an overall score of 88.7, preceded only by the University of Bologna. Padua received 78 points for student services, 82 for scholarship availability, 85 for structures, 97 for digital communication services, 92 in the field of internationalization, and 98 for employability.

The University of Padua Rector, Rosario Rizzuto acknowledges the achievement by saying, “Once again, The University of Padua resides at the top of the Il Censis Italian university ranking, thus confirming itself in second place among Italian mega universities. Even after enduring a difficult year amid the Covid pandemic, we were able to improve our overall score. Growing in three of the six parameters and staying consistent in the other three evaluated conditions. While such results bring us all a sense of pride, as is always in these cases, it acts as a stimulus for us to improve where possible. In particular, I would like to underline the first position regarding the "employability" parameter.  One of the many reasons why students choose The University of Padua is to gain a solid chance in building a successful future for themselves, and in return, a better future for us as well. My sincere gratitude goes to the entire academic community, as their competence, tenacity and passion, come together every day to build such results.”