Arqus @Unipd: Arqus Academy and AL3 meeting with mobility officers


On May 6 the Unid chair of the Arqus Action Line 2,  Benedetta Zatti, took part to he first meeting of the Arqus Academy, that is an overarching coordinating body of all learning and staff development activities and their certification. 

The Arqus Academy has its own Board composed of the Chairs of the six Action Line Boards and the overall project manager or another member of the SC designated to that end, who will act as Chair. The Academy Board is responsible for the approval and certification of all learning activities organized by the Alliance. The Board ensures coordination of learning activities, homogenization of quality standards for delivery and certification, and quality assurance of learning activities in general. The Arqus Academy will explore possible use of blockchain or similar technology to ensure interoperability and transferability of learner records.

On May 7, Arqus gathered the mobility officers from the seven university in order to discuss about the impact of Covid on the Alliance's activities. Many topics have been covered such as: What are the main challenges for student/staff mobility? What are the main solutions for student/staff mobility? What are your vision and prognosis regarding the mobility for the next semester and academic year? Physical vs. virtual/blended mobility? What are your future plans (if any) for introducing blended or virtual mobility at your university? How do you see the future of virtual mobility?