Arqus: Implementation of mobility windows


On March 25  at 14:30 CET, the Arqus European University Alliance organizes the online workshop “Implementation of mobility windows” with the aim of getting acquainted with the definition of mobility window and discussing the ways of integrating it into the study programme curricula. The workshop is open for academic and administrative staff at the Arqus universities (Padua, Granada, Bergen, Graz, Leipzig, Lyon, Vilnius).

One of the goals of the Arqus Alliance is to pilot mobility windows in one study programme of each Arqus university and to develop guidelines for credit accumulation and student progression. With this workshop, the academic and administrative staff of the Arqus universities will get to know the benefits of implementing mobility windows in the study programmes as well as examples of best practices to analyse and follow. The workshop aims also to be a platform to network and to start collaborations for the development of new mobility windows.

Please register here within March 23.

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