Arqus: The future of the translation profession


On March 22 at 5 pm CET, Arqus organises the webinar "The future of the translation profession: Jack of all trades, a master of what?", by Catherine Way (University of Granada). 

In this lecture, we will consider the role of translators, the challenges faced (technology, remuneration, self-concept), the training they require (competence, expertise, technology, resources) and how to bridge the gaps between graduate training and industry requirements. The advent of new professional profiles, the growing need for continued professional development (CPD) and the multitude of new employment possibilities for legal translators call for a renaissance of legal translation and training (Way 2020) if we are to eliminate the traditional constraints on the translation profession through proactive action. Particular attention is paid to professionalization, expertise and interdisciplinary training. Effecting sustainable change by embracing our metamorphosis is vital if we are to face current challenges and overcome any that may emerge in the future, empowering translation graduates as multilingual and multicultural communication experts.

The webinar will be broadcast live on the Arqus YouTube channel.