Against all forms of discrimination and gender violence, let's show our faces!


The University of Padua, strongly committed to combating all forms of discrimination and gender violence, invites the entire academic community to get involved and participate in the awareness and information campaign supporting the UniRe Responsible University project.

Through this project, the University has developed a series of initiatives and activities to make the workplace and study environment even more welcoming and inclusive. These include the opening of an anti-harassment support and listening point, the promotion of crowdfunding to finance research grants addressing these issues, training and informational meetings for the academic community, and awareness activities for the public as well as for secondary school teachers and principals.

Participation in the project involves taking part in a photo shoot, which includes both a group photo and an individual photo. The photos taken will be used to promote the Responsible University project through a poster campaign and the creation of content for social media.

A photo, a look, a gesture: let's get involved with our faces and take part in the change! A shared commitment is the first step to promoting shared knowledge and increasing awareness.

Fill out the form by Saturday, May 25 at midnight.