The 7th Edition of the Univer-Series at Teatro Verdi


Written and performed by students of the University of Padua, the seventh edition of the theatrical miniseries Universerìe is entitled Manuale sull’orientamento di persone quasi adulte.

Inspired by TV series, the instant drama miniseries includes four episodes and a Best of Finale conceived and directed by the Compagnia Amor Vacui in collaboration with the Teatro Stabile del Veneto - Teatro Nazionale that brings university life to the stage.

After the success of the past editions, this year's project aims to question choices, doubts, dreams, and fears by looking towards the future of the students of the University of Padua through the lens of living together.

The miniseries includes theatrical workshops, an acting workshop, and one dedicated to social media that will follow the rehearsal and staging process. Students can participate, in addition to the writing and staging meetings, in the first workshop in which they will have the opportunity to get to know each other and actively contribute to the collection of the materials for drafting each of the four 30 min long episodes. The four episodes come together under a final show that draws a self-portrait of university life from the perspective of this generation.

Directed by Eleonora Panizzo and Andrea Bellacicco, the miniseries is coordinated by Diego Scantamburlo and supervised by Lorenzo Maragoni.

The call is open to students and to the entire academic community. Interested participants should have a formal relationship with the University of Padua, whose contribution includes a genuine feeling for the Paduan university life, having watched at least one TV series, having enduring friendships during university life, having a sentimental story, and willingness to share a life choice that has not gone right as expected.

The call is open until March 19.