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What's new at Unipd? Check our Telegram channels!


There are two new Unipd Telegram channels that will inform you about what's new at Unipd!

> Info Student Unipd
is a new space designed for you! We decided to open this new Telegram channel to put together all the most important notices and appointments for the Unipd student community. It won't be a very crowded space: you will find the most important notices and deadlines to enjoy your university experience to the fullest
Send the link to your friends, roommates, fellow students and cafeteria mates: https://unipd.link/infostudenti-telegram

> Eventi Unipd
After helping us tell the story of our 800th anniversary, the 800unipd channel becomes a space dedicated to discovering Unipd events.
You will find useful info about meetings, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and everything else we are organizing for our community in the coming period.
Sign up here: https://unipd.link/eventiunipd-telegram

> Musei Unipd
A channel for events and news of Unipd museums > https://t.me/museiunipd

> Orto botanico
All the updates on the world's oldest university Botanical Garden > https://t.me/ortobotanicopd

> International mobility
Everything you always wanted to know about international mobility > https://t.me/internationalmobilityUNIPD