ARQUS: First Training Event "Preventive Early Career Education"


The Arqus First Training event at University of Padua was an opportunity to engage in a collaborative workgroup series with the purpose of learning about the challenges, activities, and policies of career education in each country. It took place at the University of Padua on February 17-19, 2020.

Six workgroup sessions have been organized, focused on the following six topics: 

1- Main Fears and Challenges Experienced by Young People in their Country
2- Organization of the school and university system
3- Overview of Career Guidance
4- Career Guidance and Inclusion
5- Accreditation frameworks for professionals delivering career guidance
6- Good Career Education Practices

During each workgroup sessions, participants were invited to speak about the situation and experience of own home country.

The event was organized by the task force 2.1 ‘Preventive Early Career Education’ of the University of Padua, and was dedicated to the 2.1 task forces members of the Arqus Alliance Univerities.