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Arqus Academic Debate #5: Europe as a global actor


On March 17 at 18.00, the Arqus European University Alliance will promote an online event on globalisation and the role of Europe.

Europe is involved in a wide range of global interactions and competitions. For a long time, however, it has relied on its integration into the blocs of the Cold War and later into the continuation of the Atlantic Alliance. This is not only less and less adequate but is also perceived as increasingly unsatisfying. This raises the problem of answering the question – both in individual European societies and at the EU level – of how one envisions the future European strategy in relation to global challenges? What concrete steps need to be taken to achieve this? This general problem can be played through on various objects (from the environment to pandemic, from copyright to international law, from foreign trade to knowledge society, etc.).

In this debate, experts from different Arqus universities and fields of expertise will focus on how Europe acts internationally and how it reacts to what is perceived as a substantial crisis full of challenges: Brexit, climate change, pandemic, etc. The panelists, from very different perspectives, will discuss questions about (1) what they think about Europe’s quality as an actor in comparison to the member states; (2) how they interpret the European capacities to act according to its economic potential on the international stage and in comparison to competitors such as the US, China, Russia etc; (3) how they see Europe being prepared for challenges of a truly global character. 

The University of Leipzig is coordinating the event as a member of the Arqus European University Alliance, which includes the Universities of PaduaGranada, Bergen, Graz, Lyon and Vilnius.

The event will be broadcasted live from the Arqus YouTube channel (March 17, 2021; h.18 CET)

Previous events from the Arqus Academic Debate series have explored the topics of: Post-Pandemic Citizens (University of Bergen), The US presidential elections: a battle for global? supremacy (University of Graz), and Energy as a pillar, driver and goal of today's world (University of Granada), Women in Academia Across Europe (University of Padua). The in-depth dialogues that follow benefit from the different research experiences and perspectives of each Arqus university as we tackle global and local challenges together while stimulating new perspectives.

All Arqus Academic Debates are recorded and available for online viewing on the Arqus Alliance Youtube channel.