Transferring to another Italian university

Non-EU students residing in Italy with a valid residence permit issued for study purposes (i.e. released after enrolment in a degree programme at an Italian University) will have to follow the transfer procedure, under penalty of automatic forfeiture of the residence permit.
Avoid withdrawing from your current enrolment as this entails automatically losing any residence permit rights. After the transfer procedure is successful you will be able to apply for residence permit renewal.
Students wishing to transfer must have passed and registered at least one exam in their previous career/year in order to renew their residence permit.

If you wish to transfer to another Italian university, you need to follow different steps.

Step 1: get informed on enrolment procedures applied to the degree programme of the university you wish to move to. You should also gather information on:

  • timeframe and deadlines within which the university you wish to move to accepts applications to transfer;
  • admission requirements, admission test or other selection criteria, where applied.

Step 2: check on Uniweb that all the examinations you sat have been recorded and all tuition fees due have been paid. In the case of tuition fees that have been paid, but have not been recorded yet, or tuition fees that have just been paid, you need to email a copy of the payment receipt to the Student Service Office at; remember to specify your student ID. In order to be considered for transfer admission, you must have paid all the tuition fees due up to the relevant academic year.
Step 3: Fill in the relevant form and hand it in at the Student Office’s help desk along with a revenue stamp of current value. You can also send the form by mail (the postmark date shall be proof of dispatch), but do not forget to also annex a copy of your ID card. Only application forms to transfer to other Italian universities can be accepted.

Please note: if you wish to benefit from income-based reduced fees and from advantages related to the right to education, please refer to the call for applications published by the relevant local agency for the right to university education. Before transferring, also remember that, in order to be entitled to income-based reduced fees, your academic career will be considered from the year when you first enrol at university, regardless of any recognition you may have obtained or the year of attendance you will be enrolled in. This may result in the loss of benefits following your transfer

Upon submitting your application, you will be emailed with the approval of the transfer; at this point, you must refer to the university to which you have just transferred in order to finalise your enrolment.
Once you have enrolled in the new university, you can transfer back to the University of Padua, if you wish, only in the academic year following your transfer. Before applying to transfer, you must submit your application for credits and previous educational activities recognition by the deadlines set for transfers from another university.

  Timeframes for application submission

  • from July 14 to September 29 2023. You must have paid all the tuition fees for the academic year 2022/2022 you don't have to pay the enrollment fee to the academic year 2023/24
  • from October 2 to December 31 2023. You need to pay only the first fee for the academic year 2023/24
  • from January 1 to June 30 2024. You need to pay all the fees for the academic year 2023/2024

Is not possible to apply for a transfer to another university after June 30 2024.

It is always possible to withdraw from studies to make a new enrollment in the new university.