Interrupting your studies

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A student's university career may be interrupted in various ways, either temporarily or permanently, at the request of a party or by the office, in accordance with the provisions of the Student Career Regulations.

Students wishing to temporarily interrupt their studies may apply for suspension (Art. 17), while students wishing to interrupt their studies permanently may apply for withdrawal (Art. 12).

If the student simply does not renew their enrolment, an interruption occurs (Art. 18), which admits the resumption of studies if no forfeiture has occurred.
The loss of student status is automatic, once the conditions have been met, resulting in the definitive cessation of studies (Art. 11).

  Suspending your studies

Suspension of studies may be requested for a single academic year only if the enrolment fee for that year (the September instalment) has not been paid; it is therefore never possible to suspend studies in the first year of enrolment. You can apply for suspension for up to 3 academic years, even if not consecutive.

In order to apply for suspension it is necessary to be up to date with payments for previous years. You must send the request by email to, indicating "Suspension application" in the subject line, and attach:

  1. the relevant form duly completed and signed
  2. front and back photocopy of an identity document
  3. Stamp duty payment receipt: from the PagoPA portal make a voluntary payment by selecting "DIDA03 - Stamp duty - Suspension" as the reason for payment (amount: €16) and download the payment receipt from the same portal.

If you are enrolled in a degree programme prior to Italian M.D. no. 509/1999, you are not required to apply for suspension, except for students enrolled in a short specialisation degree.

In the case of enrolment in a short specialisation degree, it is possible to apply for suspension even after payment of the first instalment. In this case, the fees paid may be used for enrolment in the short specialisation degree. Upon resumption of studies, the student will not be required to pay the suspension fee.

Upon resuming your studies, you are required to pay a fee for each suspended academic year, in accordance with the annual regulations by the University Board of Directors.

When resuming your studies, if the degree programme you were enrolled in is permanently closed or is about to be closed, you may complete your studies in another course that is still active, subject to the submission of an application to change degree programme.

Students wishing to resume their studies must contact the back office of reference for their course of study to reinstate their enrolment and the Student Benefits Office to calculate the contributions to be paid.

  Withdrawal from studies

You can submit the withdrawal application form at any time. Remember that withdrawal is irrevocable, unconditional and implies the end of your academic career.

Withdrawal from studies must be submitted via Uniweb, according to the procedures set out in the specific guide.

Pay particular attention to the economic consequences.

The application must be completed with the simultaneous payment of the associated € 16 stamp, in the "Fees" section of Uniweb.
Failure to do so will result in automatic rejection of the application.

Please note: correctly submitted applications are processed within five working days. If the "student status" in Uniweb is still active after this time limit, this must be reported to:

With the withdrawal, any relation with the University of Padova will cease. It implies that you are not entitled to university fees reimbursement, but at the same time you are not required to pay the remaining instalments. After withdrawing, you will not be able to carry out any career activities nor benefit from educational and administrative services, with the exception of the issue of certificates relating to prior studies.

Withdrawing from studies does not prevent you from enrolling at the University of Padua again in the future. Examinations passed before withdrawal remain recorded, can be certified and may be recognised. )Withdrawal entails the revocation of the residence permit for study purposes (MIUR circular letter no. 1872 of 23/12/2009).

Proof of withdrawal will be contained in the self-certification of enrolment available in the personal area of the Uniweb portal. Alternatively, it is possible to request a certificate of enrolment according to the procedures provided on the Certificates webpage.

  Loss of student status

You automatically lose your student status:

  • if you have not passed any examination within three calendar years from the date when you first enrolled or registered at the University;
  • if you have not gained at least 60 ECTS credits included in your degree programme within five calendar years from the date when you first enrolled or registered at the University or when you last sat and passed an examination.

The above-mentioned time frames are interrupted:

  • if you apply for changing your degree programme; in this case, the date when you enrol in the new degree programme will be considered as the new date of reference;
  • if you apply for suspension, by submitting the relevant form within the set deadlines.If you are enrolled in degree programmes prior to Italian M.D no. 509 of 1999, you lose your status if you do not sit exams for eight consecutive years.
  • Students who, having completed all the examinations envisaged in their study plan, only need to discuss the final degree examination, do not incur in loss of student status.
    For a loss of status review please contact the relevant back office for each school.

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