The Unipd project

Both open badges and blockcerts-digital certificates are digital certifications.

Open badges and digital certificates are issued to meet the need to develop digital solutions which comply with national and international policies. The main purpose of this project is to track and promote competencies developed in different sectors, from the academic to the experiential one. The new added value lies in the fact that each path can be certified and will become part of a person's know-how ensuring their personal and professional growth.

Among the digital certifications offered by the University, there are open badges and blockcerts-digital certificates.

Open badges are open technological standards that can be verified by any system supporting OBI (Open badges infrastructure), and are issued for all active Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses, for innovative teaching and for curricular competencies and cross skills. Upon passing each training course, students receive an email to collect their Open Badge.

Blockcerts-digital certificates are issued after completing a Bachelor’s and Master's degree. At the end of their studies, students who graduate receive an email explaining first how to collect their Open Badge and then their digital certificate.
Blockcert is an open technological standard developed by  MIT Media Lab, that makes it possible to convert a certificate to digital format, store it onto a blockchain, i.e. notarize it, to get Digital Credentials that are secure and that can be verified quickly and without the need for any intermediaries.

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