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The digital certificate certifies you have graduated and is issued to graduates in addition to the degree parchment. It is directly accessible and verifiable in time thus ensuring its authenticity.

The certificate can be downloaded from the Bestr platform, from which graduates have already received some Open Badges.
Like any digital document, it requires an application capable of reading this format (e.g. the Blockcerts Wallet or the Blockcerts Universal Verifier apps) which interprets it, verifies it and displays is a in readable format to people, representing it as a sheet with header and signature.

The information in the degree digital certificate (course aims, duration in years, ECF levels) is complemented by the information in the Open Badge of the qualification (competencies, criteria followed to attain the qualification, diploma supplement) also issued upon graduation.

The digital certificate aids the verification of qualifications by institutions and recruiters, both Italian and foreign.
It also enables graduates to enter the world of work with a set of information that better describes their profile; furthermore, thanks to this digital certificate, it is no longer necessary to queue and pay for duty stamps to obtain copies of their degree certificates.

In the event students want to continue their studies in other universities, also abroad, and need to send their degree certificate by email, the receiving universities may check the validity of the certificate in real time.

The University also issues other types of certificates. For more information on analogue certificates (hard copies or in pdf) issued by the University of Padua, please go to

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