Stays under 90 days

  European Union nationals

European Union nationals in possession of an identity document are free to stay in Italy or other European countries for up to 90 days.

  • Stays in hotels/hostels: the hotel/hostel will notify Padova police headquarters (Questura) within 24 hours via computer of the European national’s arrival.
  • Stays in private homes: the property owner or host must notify the police within 48 hours of the European Union national’s arrival using the Comunicazione di ospitalità form. The form may be sent by fax, registered letter, or delivered personally.

  Non-European Union nationals

Non-European Union nationals who stay in Italy for a maximum of 90 days (e.g. visitors, students, tourists, or on business) do not need a residence permit.

They do need, however, to present a Dichiarazione di presenza (Declaration of Presence) at police headquarters (Questura) within 8 days of arrival. This is not necessary under one of the following conditions, i.e. when:

  • an Italian stamp was put on their passport on entry into a Schengen area from an Italian border;
  • they are staying in hotels, B&Bs, university accommodation or student residences.  

This declaration of short-term presence in Italy does not entitle you to work and cannot be converted into a work permit. You should always carry it with you in case of police checks.

SAOS - Servizio Accoglienza Ospiti Stranieri

Palazzo Bo, via 8 febbraio 2 - 35122 Padova
tel. +39 049 827 3077, fax +39 049 827 3203

Opening hours:

  • public hours: Monday and Wednesday 11.30 am - 1 pm; Tuesday 3-4.30 pm; Thursday 1.30-3 pm
  • only by appointment: Monday and Wednesday 10-11.30 am
  • via Skype (saosdesk.unipd): Tuesdays 17-18

Please notice that release and renewal of residence permits will also be carried out in Aula Didattica, Palazzo dello Storione, Galleria Storione,13 on the following dates: 19 February, 5 and 10 March, 21 April. In order to reserve a place, please write to:
On the same dates (19 February, 5 and 10 March, 21 April), SAOS front Office will be closed.
For urgent matter, please write to: