International ranking

Times Higher Education (THE)

On October 19, 2019 the British ranking agency, Times Higher Education (THE) announced their results of the best universities in the world in relation to the scientific area of Psychology. Under this particular ranking, the University of Padua has improved its position by about 50;in comparison to that of the previous edition. This places Unipd for the first time among the Top100 universities worldwide, specifically, in 67th place. The Times Higher Education adds that the University of Padua is the best university in Italy to study Psychology.

On September 11, 2019, Times Higher Education published its latest ranking, placing Unipd in the 201-250th standing internationally, after the approximately 150 places it recovered from in the previous edition. These results maintain that Unipd sits in 4th place on the national field and second, among the great universities.  In the five evaluation parameters examined, the increase in the didactic macro-parameter, teaching, is significant. It is here where the University of Padua improved its position by 40, enlisting it from 217th to 177th place on a world scale. With reference to the other parameters, the citation indicator holds the highest score of 80.2 out of possible 100, demonstrating the impact of quality and the high international recognition enjoyed by the University's scientific departments.

On April 3, 2019, the results of the first edition of the University Impact Rankings were released. Drawn up by the international ranking agency, Times Higher Education (THE), its aim is to highlight how higher education and research sectors are addressing the objectives of sustainable development indicated by the United Nations. The University of Padua ranked 16th globally in the overall Impact Ranking while standing in 7th place in regards to the “Goal 4,Quality Education” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Fund aimed at providing quality, fair, and inclusive education and ensuring learning opportunities for all.

QS World University Rankings

According to the results of the international ranking agency QS, published onJune 19, 2019, the University of Padua rose 15 points, reaching 234th place on a global scale. This standing places Unipd for the first time among the top 100 universities of Europe (99th place).

On Wednesday, February 26, 2019, the QS published their ranking results "by subject", in the scientific areas.  QS, one of the most accredited international agencies, publishes it ranking and evaluating of institutions of higher education worldwide.  The overall result positions the University of Padua among the top 150 global universities in regards to the 5-macro areas of reference.  This standing comes from the more than 1,100 universities considered by the QS rankings system and the approximately 18,000 institutions surveyed worldwide.

Center for World University Rankings – CWUR

August 2019: in the new edition of the Center for World University Rankings - CWUR 2019/2020, the University of Padua ranks second in Italy, after the University of Rome La Sapienza, and 160th in the world.  The CWUR uses specific parameters concerning the evaluation of teaching and research, assessing around 20,000 universities globally and, among these, identifying the top 2000.

Best Global Universities ranking

On October 22, 2019, the Best Global Universities Rankings of 2020, by the American newspaper, "US News & World Report", published its 6th edition. Ranking the University of Padua for the second time at 116th in its general ranking, while placing the University of Bologna infirst place among all Italian universities.Based on 13 different indicators, the performance of each university is analysed at a local and global level in relation to research and reputation acquired. The ranking examined 1,500 universities in 81 different countries worldwide. The evaluation comprises of 30 different indicators, including citations, conferences, international collaborations as well as the number of books and publications produced, along with many other factors.  In the classification of single subjects, among the 26 taken into consideration, Padua achieves thebest results among Italian universitiesin electrical and electronic engineering, molecular and genetic biology, plant and animal science, psychiatry and psychology, as well as space sciences.

On October 30, 2018, on theBest Global Universitieslist the University of Padovaearns eighteen positions, moving from 140 to 122 place worldwide and winning the first place in Italy, along with the University of Bologna. The University of Padova confirms its outstanding performance for the Research productivity and impact, reaching the top 100 of the world universities in the following indicators: “Publications”, “Total Citations” and “Number of publications that are among the 10 percent most cited”. Across the 22 subject rankings, the University of Padova obtains the best results in the “Space Science” area, where it ranks 23 worldwide and enters the top100 global universities for Agricultural Sciences (78), Engineering (80) and Physics (89).