The T4L® faculty development and training programme

The T4L faculty development and training programme

T4L® Training programs

The training programs proposed by the University or the Departments and/or Schools are structured by type and level: Basic, Advanced, New Faculty, Change Agent, Teaching Online course, addressed to teachers; the Student2Student4Learning @Unipd course is aimed at students and tutors.

The programs for teachers, with different levels of difficulty, aim at promoting reflection on the teaching/learning perspectives for a conscious use of interactive and collaborative methods in the classroom and online, based on the centrality of the learner. The training of specialized figures in supporting teaching/learning improvement in departments is a function of the Change Agent course.

The training courses types and levels:

  • Basic course (T4L basic 1.0)
  • Advanced Course (T4L 2.0)
  • New Faculty Course (T4L New Faculty) for all those who have been hired with research contracts at the University of Padua since 2016
  • Course for Change Agent (T4L Change Agent) with the aim of training highly motivated teachers, who have successfully attended at least a couple of training courses on teaching and active learning and who wish to engage in the promotion of events to improve teaching and learning, within the courses of study in their department and in the University.

The Basic, New Faculty and Advanced courses are divided into specific phases for a total of 26/30 hours.

The Change Agent course has an annual duration and is divided into specific phases for a total of 50 hours

Open badge of the T4L® courses

At the end of the training course, participants are entitled to receive the Open Badge, a digital certificate that highlights the skills and abilities acquired and the learning outcomes achieved, the methods used for testing and evaluation, the University that issued it and the identity of the person who received it.

This information can be read by all applications that read Open Badges, so that they can be an integral part of the teacher's personal CV, thus being usable in various professional fields.

The Open badges issued are distinct with respect to the type and level of training course attended as shown in the figure below.

Our badges

Insegnare onlineImproving teaching, Cambiamento organizzativo, Sviluppo organizzativoEducational technology, Learning by teaching, Active learningLearning by teaching, Educational technology, Learning communityEducational technology, Learning by teaching, Educational coachingEducational technology, Learning by teaching, Learning community


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