Tables to fill in the Learning Agreement - Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies (SPGI)

Equivalence table - SPGI

You are required to annex the equivalence table related to your own degree programme to the Learning Agreement and the subsequently changed versions of the Learning Agreement.

Here below there are some guidelines to fill in the table:

  • you must fill in the table on your computer, not by hand
  • do not forget to fill in the student’s data section
  • in the column ‘examinations sat at the University’ indicate with an ‘X’ the examinations you have already sat at your University
  • in the column ‘planned examinations/examinations sat abroad’ you must specify the examinations you are supposed to sit abroad and the equivalent Italian examinations they are supposed to replace. The Erasmus examinations must be indicated with their original name in the foreign language
  • in the column ‘ECTS credits’ you must specify the university educational credits of the Erasmus examination
  • in the column ‘note’ you can type any additional note.

You are required to print and sign the table yourself and hand it in to the academic responsible for Erasmus of your degree programme, who has to check it and sign it. The table, approved and signed, must be uploaded to Uniweb along with the first Learning Agreement. The table must be updated according to future Changes to the Learning Agreement.

For Italian-taught degree programmes, please check the Italian website

For English-taught degree programmes, please check the pdf files below.