Doctoral degrees at Unipd

The University of Padova strongly prioritises third-level education in pursue to hold the highest of standards by enhancing the support for research training.

Three key action points on doctoral training are stated in the Strategic Plan of our University:

  1. to enhance graduate employability within as well as outside the academic institutions by strengthening and qualifying our doctoral training, with the final goal to contribute to the cultural, economic and social development at local, national and trans-national level;
  2. to attract worldwide excellence both at the level of PhD candidates as well as staff, and to promote their mobility;
  3. to contribute to the internationalisation of research and of training in research, with the aim of providing a more solid and broad education in preparation to competitively deal with the complexities of our changing world.

The University of Padova coordinates 40 separate PhD Programmes, all credited by the National Agency for University Evaluation (ANVUR).   Every year the University welcomes between 400 and 500 new candidates, with approximately 1400 PhD candidates enrolled in a three-year degree programme.

Degree Course duration: 3 years (generally), the degree corresponds to the Doctorate in English-speaking countries.
Requirements: Applicants must be in possession of a 2nd cycle degree (laurea magistrale or laurea magistrale a ciclo unico). They are also required to pass an entrance examination.

Doctoral Degrees - PhD Office

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