Diploma supplement

Versione italiana 

The Diploma Supplement is a report written in two languages, Italian and English, including the main information about the study track you followed to pursue your degree. The template is compliant with the ones adopted by the EU member countries and is approved by the Academic Senate (art. 18, paragraph 2 and 3 of the Regolamento didattico di Ateneo - University’s Teaching Regulations).

The Diploma Supplement is usually available free-of-charge in your Uniweb personal area as a digitally signed electronic document around thirty days following the graduation date.

If you cannot display the Diploma Supplement in your personal area, please fill in the Diploma supplement form below, attach a copy of your valid ID card, back and front, and submit it by following only one of the procedures below:

Regulatory reference and further details

Further information is available on the following web pages: