The University of Padua has established the figure of the Ombudsman to better guarantee the rights of students and to ensure impartiality. An ombudsman is a public advocate who provides advice and assistance to students while ensuring the rights of students are upheld impartially, and justly, and that administrative actions are addressed promptly.

Role and function:

  • allows students to exercise their rights by providing advice and assistance 
  • guarantees the impartiality, correctness, and promptness of administrative actions
  • ensures that the administrative and teaching activities are carried out in compliance with the University of Padua Statute and Regulations 

An Ombudsman intervenes at the request of individuals or relative parties who detect forms of abuse, dysfunction, deficiencies, delays, omissions, and illegitimacy of regulations. An Ombudsman also intervenes in situations related to those violating the University of Padua Principles of Good Administration, which includes those carrying out teaching activities or those related to university staff. 

An Ombudsman is a person external to the University and is not subject to any form of hierarchical dependence. 

Information on the processing of personal data 

Ombudsman: Monica Mocellin

As per DR Rep. 3606/2023 protocol no. 174622 of 18 September 2023

Office of the Ombudsman

Via San Francesco, 3 - Padova

Open by appointment only every Friday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm