Vice Rectors and Delegates


Giancarlo Dalla Fontana, Deputy Vice Rector for Institutional Affairs and Planning

Marco Ferrante, Vice Rector for Teaching and Education 

Marina De Rossi, Delegate for Teacher Training and Innovative Teaching 

Andrea Gerosa, Delegate for Guidance Counselling, Tutoring, and Career Placement 

Matilde Girolami, Vice Rector for the Right to Education Policies 

Barbara Arfè, Delegated for Inclusion and Disabilities

Massimiliano Zattin, Vice Rector for Postgraduate and Doctorate Programmes 

Marta Ghisi, Delegate for First level University Master, Post graduate programmes, Continuing Education and Micro-credentials

Fabio Zwirner, Vice Rector for Research 

Monica Fedeli, Vice Rector of the Third Mission and Regional Relations 

Francesca Vianello, Delegate for the University in Prison Project 

Monica Salvadori, Vice Rector of Historical and Cultural Heritage 

Mauro Varotto, Delegate for Museums and Collections 

Cristina Basso, Vice Rector for International Relations 

Mara Thiene, Delegate for Joint Degree Programmes and International Ranking 

Antonio Parbonetti, Vice Rector of Organization and Budget 

Antonio Paoli, Vice Rector of Wellness and Sport 

Gaya Spolverato, Delegate for Equal Opportunities Policies 

Carlo Pellegrino, Vice Rector for Buildings 

Daniela Boso, Vice Rector for Security and Safety Policies 

Andrea Vinelli, Delegate for Logistics, Classroom Utilization and Computerization 

Francesca Da Porto, Vice Rector for Sustainability 

Andrea Zanella, Vice Rector of Information Technologies and ICT Communication 

Paolo Sambo, Vice Rector of Decentralized Branch Policies


Patrizia Burra, Delegate for Specialisation Schools and the Centre for Post-Graduate Specialised Training

Luciano Gamberini,  Delegate for Research Funding Relations

Paolo Navalesi, Delegate for Clinical Research