Flash Card

Students enrolled in their first year of studies at the University of Padova are given a University Flash Card.


  What does it do?

The Flash Card allows you to identify yourself as a student of the University of Padova and use certain services, for example:

  • access to university areas (e.g.: laboratories);
  • access to library loans;
  • document services (photocopies, prints, scans) in libraries and photocopying areas;
  • electronical recognition before examinations;
  • discounts in shops and facilities;
  • Bike sharing (online subscription)

  How do I receive it?

After completing the enrolment procedure, the new Flash Card is sent to the address indicated by the student.

International students who have not indicated an Italian address can pick up their card from the Student Office.

  How can I activate my Flash Card?

To activate the Flash Card please follow the link.

Please note that:

  • the maximum possible amount to have on the Card is €250.
  • the monthly limit for withdrawals from ATMs is €100.

You cannot use your card for:

  • online shopping
  • payments outside Italy
  • cash withdrawals from ATMs outside Italy

For the above mentioned operations you must upgrade your card to Flash Up Studio.

  How can I upgrade my Card to "Flash Up Studio"

For those who are eligible for the regional scholarship, or for those wanting to upgrade the functions of their Flash Card, it is necessary to go to a bank Intesa Sanpaolo branch to ask for the card to be upgraded to "Flash Up Studio".

The card will materially remain the same and will also be associated to the same data (IBAN, PIN, user code, expiry date, CVV).

The Flash Up Card will allow you to:

  • make bank transfers
  • receive credits (scholarships, reimbursements, mobility grants, tutoring grants, etc.)
  • make payments in all the stores belonging to the bank network indicated on the card, both in Italy and abroad

Please note that the Card can be charged up to €10.000 and that the daily limit for withdawals from ATMs is €500.00.

  What can I do if my Flash card is stolen, lost or cloned?

  • If the card is active only as a university badge, you should ask the Student Office to release a new card by sending an email to cartaflash.studenti@unipd.it, also attaching a copy of theft/loss report issued by the Police/Carabinieri
  • If the card is active also for financial purposes,in the event of a lost, stolen or cloned card and for Emergency Card Services, call 800.303.303 (toll-free). From outside Italy you must call 0039 011 8019200 (available 24/7), which is charged according to phone operators.

  Who should I contact for any issue?

Please contact the Student Office (cartaflash.studenti@unipd.it) for information concerning the Flash Card and to request assistance for any related issues (e.g. demagnetisation).