The ‘Studiare a Padova’ CARD

The CARD "Studiare a Padova” (Studying in Padua) is a service card that offers students and employees at the University of Padua privileged access to many quality educational, social and cultural initiatives. To obtain discounts, you will be required to show your University of Padua ID badge before requesting the receipt.

It is not a physical card, but it coincides with the university identification badge: to obtain the discounts, just show, before requesting the tax receipt, the badge or, for those registered from 2018/19, the Unipadova Studio Flash Card (which has the function of badge).

The benefits of the Studiare a Padova Card include, for instance:

  • reduced rate tickets to museums, cinemas, theatres, concerts and opera
  • discounts of up to 30% in shops
  • discounts on courses, sports and travel
  • discounts in bookshops and copy shops
  • discounts in cafés, clubs, pizza places and restaurants

The APP "Studiare a Padova Card" provides an updated list of facilitations by category.

Android app on Google Play Available on the App Store

No discounts shall be applied to already discounted products. For cafés and restaurants that accept meal vouchers, the discounts stated shall only be applied to payment in cash.

In the event of discrepancies, such as inconsistencies between the discount percentage mentioned in the guide and the percentage actually applied, and also to propose a shop or entity that wishes to become a partner, please contact

Communication Office

Palazzo Storione
Riviera Tito Livio 6 -  35123 Padova
tel. 049827 1559