Department of Animal Medicine, Production and Health

The mission of the Department is to maintain high-quality veterinary care for both pets and farmed animals, together with constant improvement and upgrading of the theoretical and practical knowledge of veterinarians, working as clinicians as well as experts in animal husbandry, food science and public health.

Veterinarians play an essential role in our society: they not only care for animals, but also work to protect human health from the threat of diseases transmitted by live animals, and to control the quality and safety of animal foodstuffs. The Department also has a Veterinary Teaching Hospital, a very important tool for providing good care for animal patients and also for training veterinary students and encouraging clinical research in pet medicine


Dipartimento di Medicina Animale, Produzioni e Salute (MAPS)
Agripolis, Viale dell'Università - 35020 Legnaro (Pd)
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