Getting around

Padova Mobility Center
The Padova Mobility Center Web Portal helps in finding the best transportation mode to get around Padova, reducing the use of private car.

  Bus, coach, tram

City buses and coaches
City buses and coaches to Abano, Montegrotto and Torreglia are run by APS Mobilità; tickets can be bought at edicole (newsagents) and tabaccherie (tobacconists); bus passes are available at APS offices and online.
Tel. 049.8241111
On Sundays and public holidays, a telebus service to the local hospital or the railway station can be booked:  
Tel: 049.662660
7.30 am – 6 pm
There is also a transport service for the disabled (booking required):
Tel. 840.00055
Mon – Fri 7 am  – 7 pm
A special double-decker bus, run by City Sightseeing Padova offers a multi-lingual tour service to see the most beautiful monuments of Padova. Tickets are valid 24 hours and can be used at every stop of the two lines. The bus has wheelchair access.
Viale Regione Veneto 10
Tel. 049.8704933

Regional coaches
Transport throughout the province is run by Busitalia, based in Piazzale della Stazione, next to the railway station. Particularly in summer, links to tourist destinations around the Veneto are more frequent.   
Tel.: 049.8206811

Tram (Metrobus)
The tram service is run by APS Mobilità; tickets are also valid for city buses. The tram crosses the city from north to south: from the railway station to Guizza (south) and from the railway station to Pontevigodarzere (north). Door opening is automatic, and each stop is announced.

  Bicycle and bicycles lanes

Padova City Council’s Ufficio Mobilità Ciclabile (Bicycle Mobility Office) provides information on routes, cycle lanes, parking and special initiatives.
Tel.: 049.8204883
There is a guarded bicycle parking lot in Piazzale Stazione (railway station).
Tel.: 348.7016373

Goodbike Padova is a public bike sharing service which is available to the students of the University of Padova with a 5 euros discount.

  Taxi and car

Radiotaxi Padova is available 24 hours a day.   
Tel. 049.651333
There is also a special service for people in wheelchairs and those accompanying them (max. 3 persons). The service should be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
Tel. 049.651333
Fax: 049.760369

Car Parking
The main city car parks are run by APS Parcheggi. Each car park has a limited number of places reserved for disabled drivers.

Restricted Traffic Areas (ZTL)
The Z.T.L. (Restricted Traffic Area) is part of the city centre where access and circulation of private vehicles is limited during certain hours. Entrances to the Z.T.L. are marked and equipped with video surveillance cameras. Special permits can be obtained from the City Police Office.

Car Sharing
The Car Sharing Service, based on a project already operating in many European and non-European countries, is a great new achievement for Padova’s sustainable mobility. The service is conceived as a completion of the public transport system and may be used by all those who wish to preserve the city’s environmental quality. Car sharing allows users to drive cars, located in one of the car sharing parking areas, without the worry of maintenance, or running and property costs (fuel, insurance, road tax, etc.). To access the service, private users must buy a season ticket.
Car Sharing Padova is a member of the ICS national network “Io Guido”: users can also drive cars in other Italian cities belonging to the network, by means of the same personal Smart Card.