The University of Padua recognizes and facilitates students’ activities and their free associations, which contribute at improving their study performance and the quality of university life, especially by promoting student-led activities in the fields of culture and cultural exchanges, sports and leisure. It helps the projects of proactive students come to life, by contributing to the financing of their best inititives.

Two Calls for proposal are published yearly: one for cultural and leisure time initiatives proposed by students, and the other for innovative projects. Ideas can be submitted by individual or groups of students regularly enrolled in the University of Padua degree courses. Further information on the Calls is available on the website.

  International Student Council

The International Student Council is the representative association of the international students at the University of Padova.

Its main goals are:

  1. to act as a bridge between international students and the University of Padova, in order to improve life standards of international students and solve problems that may arise as a result of language barriers, cultural differences, etc.
  2. to create an international home where international students can share their issues and get advice on multiple aspects of everyday life, both as students and as residents of Padova
  3. to enhance the multicultural environment at the University of Padova by organising social events where people from any possible background can meet and by promoting tolerance as a standard way of living in a globalised world
  4. to ensure that international students are provided with equal opportunities as Italian students
  5. to strengthen the reputation of the University of Padova on a global level and to act according to the goals of internationalisation of the University of Padova, for example to help increasing the number of international students.



  Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) - Padua is an association composed by volunteer students who represent the interests of exchange students during their international mobility in Padua.

ESN supports exchange students by answering their questions and helping them in dealing with any kind of issue they might have. ESN also organises activities, trips and parties to promote Italian culture with the aim to create a positive environment where everybody can feel at ease and make new friends.


Galleria Tito Livio, nº 7
35123 Padova, Italy


  Concentus Musicus Patavinus

Concentus Musicus Patavinus is the Centre for musical activities and performances of the University of Padua. It is composed by the groups:

  • Orchestra
  • Great choir
  • Chamber choir
  • Jazz band
  • Contemporary dance group

Director of the Concentus Musicus Patavinus: Elisa Grossato.

  Students' Associations

Prato della Valle 56, 35100 Padova
Sito clan universitari

AIESEC- Associazione Internazionale Studenti in Scienze Economiche e Commerciali
via del Santo 28, 35100 Padova
fax 049.656771

Association des États Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe - Aegee Padova

Associazione Alumni della Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori
Via San Massimo 33, 35131 Padova

Associazione Amici dell'Università di Padova
galleria Storione 8, 35123 Padova
tel. 049.8273049
fax 049.8273207

Associazione culturale universitaria Antonio Rosmini
via Forcellini 172, 35128 Padova
tel. 049.8033672
fax 049.8033852
Associazione culturale universitaria "Antonio Rosmini"

Associazione Studenti Lavoratori Ingegneria
Dipartimento Metodi e modelli matematici
via Belzoni 7, 35131 Padova
tel. 049.8275997

Associazione Studenti Universitari - ASU
via S. Sofia 5, 35121 Padova
tel. 049.8753923
fax 049.8756005

Associazione Tenda
via San Massimo 89
tel. 049.8075906
Centro di aggregazione: Cappella Universitaria San Massimo
vicolo San Massimo 1
tel. 049.775302
Associazione Tenda

Associazione Universitaria Studenti Forestali - Ausf
c/o Campus Universitario Agripolis
Via dell'Università 16 - 35020 Legnaro (PD)
Associazione Universitaria Studenti Forestali - Ausf

Galleria Ognissanti 13 - 35129 Padova
Tel. 049.7800026 - Fax 049.776726

Centro d'Arte degli Studenti
Via S. Massimo 37 - 35128 Padova
Tel. 049.8071370

Centro Universitario Cinematografico - cinema Uno
Via S. Massimo 37 - 35128 Padova
Tel. 049.8071933

Centro Universitario di Padova
Via Zabarella 82 - 35121 Padova
Tel. 049.8764688 - fax 049.651937

Cooperativa Libraria Editrice Università di Padova - Cleup
Via G. Prati 19 - 35122 Padova
Tel. 049.8753496 - Fax 049.650261

Cooperativa Universitaria Studio e Lavoro
Via Belzoni 162 - 35121 Padova
Tel. 049.8074411 - fax 049.8071885
Cooperativa Universitaria Studio e Lavoro - Cusl

Federazione Universitaria Cattolica Italiana
Via Vescovado 29 - 35141 Padova
Tel. 049.8771730

Junior Enterprise di Ingegneria Gestionale di Vicenza - Jest
Stradella San Nicola 3 - 36100 Vicenza
Tel. 349.6287108 - Fax 0444.998700

Junior Enterprise Patavium
Via Venezia 13 - 35131 Padova

Segretariato Italiano Studenti di Medicina - Sism
Via San Massimo 37 - Padova
domiciliato presso ASU Via S. Sofia 5 - 35100 Padova
Tel. 049.8753923 - Fax 049.8756005

Tribunato degli Studenti
Via 8 febbraio 2 - 35122 Padova
Tel. 049.8273340

Universitari Costruttori
Prato della Valle 56  35123 Padova
tel.049 651446   fax 049 8753092

  Other associations

Amici della musica di Padova
via San Massimo 37
tel. +39 049.8756763
tel. +39 049.8756768

Arci Padova
viale IV novembre 19
Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm
tel. +39 049.8805533

Associazione culturale Artelier
via Cesare Battisti 54
tel. +39 049.755976
skype: artelier1

Associazione culturale artistica città di Padova
vicolo santa Margherita 2
tel. +39 049.8754480

Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Sportiva - Arcs
via 8 Febbraio 2, 35122 Padova
tel. 049.8273344
Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Sportiva - Arcs

Centro Ignaziano di cultura e formazione Antonianum
Prato della valle 56 - 35100 Padova
Centro ignaziano di cultura e formazione Antonianum

Circolo culturale Carichi Sospesi
vicolo del Portello 12

Istituto Confucio
via Beato Pellegrino 28
tel. +39 049.8274873

Legambiente Padova onlus
piazza caduti della Resistenza 6
tel. +39 049.8561212
tel. +39 049.8562147

Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto
via Marsilio da Padova 19
tel. +39 049.656848
tel. +39 049.657130

L'Osteria Volante
facebook @LOsteriaVolante

Tam Teatro Musica
via Fra’ Paolo sarpi 37/2
tel. +39 049.654669
tel. +39 049.656692

Teatro PoPolare di ricerca
via sorio 116
tel +39 049.8725757