University Corporate Wellness Services

University Corporate Wellness Services aims to support the physical health of faculty, research fellows, staff and personnel by offering assessments on improving posture and suggestions to achieve personal fitness goals.

Presentation of the University Corporate Wellness Service, with Antonio Paoli (video subtitled in Italian and English)

Services include:

  • Posture assessments
  • Baropodometric analysis (detecting load distribution on feet during rest and walking)
  • Body composition assessments
  • Personalized physical fitness programs 

Services are available on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 16:00.

The cost per session is 10 euros.

Following the first evaluation meeting, each user receives an electronic evaluation form and a personalised motor activity form, supported by explanatory videos. These can be accessed through Single Sign On with their UNIPD credentials.

A brief Zoom meeting is then scheduled, during which the results of the functional assessment are explained in detail.

It is recommended to continue the process by scheduling further monitoring meetings in order to optimise the motor activity pathway undertaken. The cost of each meeting is the same as for the first session.

After the first assessment meeting, it is possible to participate in postural exercises. Participation is outside working hours and is completely free of charge. The activities are managed by the Public Engagement Office.

The service is coordinated by Prof. Antonio Paoli.

Following the first evaluation, participants can access activities managed by the Public Engagement Office to improve their posture.

Prof. Antonio Paoli coordinates The University of Padua Corporate Wellness Services.


Ufficio Public Engagement

Riviera Tito Livio, 6, 35129 Padova
tel. 049.827.3850-3924