Ranking and evaluation

The ranking, or classification, of universities and other higher education institutions are generated by the combination of different factors.  Its purpose is to assess the position of a university in regards to its geographical area (by country, continent, or worldwide). Depending on the institution, various evaluated factors are taken into consideration, such as, student services, teaching, and research.

Evaluation of Italian agencies

International ranking

Internal evaluation commissions and tools

The University of Padua uses commissions and tools for its internal evaluation:

  • The Evaluation team is tasked with verifying and assessing the quality and effectiveness of the teaching methods and research activity, as well as facilities and academic staff. They verify the correct management of public resources, as well as its impartiality and good practices within the administration.
  • The evaluation of research has great importance for the University of Padua: the surveys and results are processed and published with respect to a transparent criteria.
  • The University carries out an online questionnaire, surveying the opinions of all students on the educational activities of the University.

Coordinated by Giulio Vidotto, The University of Padua uses a commission to selection the data used in the rankings.

  Commission for the selection and analysis of data used in the ranking and social report

Number: 248167 - 2019


Giulio Vidotto (coordinator)
Luciano Gamberini
Francesca Da Porto
Andrea Vinelli
Paolo Gubitta
Fabrizio Nestola
Alessandra Salvan

due date: 30 September 2020