Italian language test

Non-EU candidates who apply for a visa will be required to do an Italian language test in order to follow programmes delivered in Italian.

The test is not required for:

  • students who enrol in programmes delivered in English;
  • students who have at least B2 level certification with respect to those listed by the Ministerial Guidelines;
  • students who have an upper secondary school diploma obtained at an Italian school abroad and the schools listed in annex 2 of the Ministerial Guidelines (in this case students are also exempt from the quotas);
  • all the other cases indicated by the Ministerial Guidelines

In the academic year 2023/24, the Italian language test will be held with an online interview (in zoom).

Booking the test

Students are required to register using this booking form. Registrations are accepted subject to availability of places and in any case up to three days before the date of the test.

The following requirements must be met in order to book the test:

students who intend to enrol in a Bachelor's degree course and a single-cycle Master’s degrees must:

  1. complete the registration process with Universitaly

students who intend to enrol in a Master's degree course must:

  1. complete the registration process with Universitaly
  2. confirm the offer received through the portal

Students may choose one of the following dates:

  • 15 June
  • 14 July
  • 20 July
  • 26 July
  • 1 September
  • 20 September
  • 25 September
  • 26 September
  • 27 September
  • 28 September
  • 29 September

What to do on the day of the test:

The student must present him or herself on the date and at the time indicated when the booking is made. Times are intended as Italian time (GMT +2).
Duration of interview: 15 minutes

How the interview takes place: the test is taken with a University Language Expert who will assess the candidate's preparation as follows:

  • brief presentation of the candidate through questions from the examiner;
  • reading and analysing a short text with questions from the examiner. The candidate will be asked to:
  1. read a short popular text in 3 minutes
  2. understand the general content of the text
  3. analyse more detailed information
  4. comment or interpret the text.

In order to prepare for the test, a bibliography indicating the resources is placed at the disposal of students and may be downloaded from the annexes.

Students are also reminded that:

  • in the event of a no-show on the date and time booked, it will not be possible to book another test date (and the student may no longer continue the degree programme enrolment procedure)
  • if the students fails the test, he or she may repeat the test no sooner than 3 months after the date of the first test


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