International Scholars

Teaching and undertaking  scientific research in Padova means entering a tradition which has been continued without interruption for eight centuries, during which some of the most important scientific discoveries in the history of science have been made – to the extent that Padova is spoken of as the “home to the scientific revolution “ (H. Butterfield) and the “European centre of knowledge in the 15th/XV century” (J.H. Randall). 

Internationally oriented and open to the world ever since its beginnings, today the University of Padova  promotes collaboration and exchange with universities throughout the world, aiming at enhancing scientific progress and perfecting and sharing good practices in the field of teaching.

For researchers and docents who wish to follow in the footsteps of Galileo, Padova offers a wide range of services: from language courses to University-approved accommodation , from organisation of guided tours of the city and surroundings to access to libraries, from university canteens to help with the administrative procedures required for entry and sojourn in Italy. For everyone, the point of reference is the International Welcome Office, especially created to respond to the needs of foreign docents and researchers visiting or staying in Padova.


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