Wellness and Sport initiatives for the local community

The University of Padua promotes wellness and sport initiatives and events open to the academic community and the public. The aim is to promote and encourage physical activity while spreading the culture of healthy lifestyles and sports to the general population.  Initiatives are possible thanks to local, national and international collaborations.

The public can access online materials, participate with the University in sports marathons, open days of Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong activities, and in the activities of the University Sports Centre (Cus Padova) and the Unipd Recreational Cultural and Sports Association (ARCS). The academic community can access services and agreements that support psychological and physical wellness.

Ufficio Public Engagement

Riviera Tito Livio, 6, 35129 Padova
tel. 049.827.3850-3924
email benessere.sport@unipd.it