Erasmus+ Projects at UNIPD

The University of Padua coordinates and participants in several Erasmus+ Projects.

  Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Further information:

 *Coordinator: University of Padua

  Erasmus Mundus Design Measures

  • Transcultural Social Psychology – Transformation Process in Work, Environment, Society - TranSoPsy

  Cooperation Partnerships for Higher Education

  • EVERYONE - Energy Harvesting Europe Young Engineers (Call 2023)
  • EEDUSIM - Training in Healthcare Education with Simulation (Call 2022) *
  • E-MEDICS - Effectiveness of Medicine E-learning Distance Courses (Call 2022)
  • TOMATO - Toolbox for Object-based Methods of Academic Teaching Online (Call 2021)
  • LETHE - (e-)Learning the invisible history of Europe through material culture (Call 2021)
  • DigiChem - Creating a digital study environment for sustainable chemistry (Call 2021)
  • OPT2LEARN - Online Peer-Tutoring system for more successful and inclusive learning within Higher Education in Europe (Call 2021)
  • IMEDiL - Inclusive Mathematics Education Base on Digital Learning  (Call 2021)
  • VitEnoClimat - Improving the educational background of viticulture and enology to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change (Call 2021)
  • FEEF - From Educators to Entrepreneurial Facilitators - Creating an Ecosystem for Knowledge Transfer (Call 2021)

 * Coordinator: University of Padua

  Cooperation Partnerships for Adult Education

  • SELF-IN - A self-management learning model to foster the independence of people with intellectual disabilities (Call 2021)
  • InteLACMarket - Integration, Counselling and Upskilling of Migrants and Refugees from Latin America and the Caribbean into the Labour Market  (Call 2021)
  • GrapePRODIGI - Support grape producers with digital tools to develop their precision farming approach (Call 2021)

  Alliances for Innovation

 * Coordinator: University of Padua

  Jean Monnet Academic Modules

 * Coordinator: University of Padua

  Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

 * Coordinator: University of Padua

  Jean Monnet Networks

 * Coordinator: University of Padua

  Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education

 * Coordinator: University of Padua

  Strategic Partnerships for School Education

  Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training

 * Coordinator: University of Padua

  Strategic Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness (Call 2020)

  • GO-DIJIP - Integrating digital collaborative environments into joint programmes*
  • EDITOR - Learning how to Teach, Teaching how to Learn. Facing Challenges of Global Change in Higher Education Using Digital Tools for Reflective, Critical and Inclusive Learning on European Historical Landscape
  • ENGINE - Teaching online electronics, microcontrollers and programming in Higher Education
  • DG-MED - Digital competences of academic staff. A new dimension of Mediterranean studies

 * Coordinator: University of Padua

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