Erasmus+: School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage

This page contains specific information for students enrolled in courses in the School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage, therefore in the following Departments:

  • Cultural heritage: Archaeology and History of Art, Cinema and Music (DBC)
  • Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology (FISPPA)
  • Historical and Geographical Sciences and the Ancient World (DiSSGeA)
  • Linguistic and Literary Studies (DISLL)

For any other enquiries regarding Erasmus+ for Studies, you should refer to the general information provided in the Call.

Mobility Unit Desk
Tania Van Luyten
Complex "Beato Pellegrino"
Via Vendramini, 13
35137 Padova PD
tel. 049 8279754
Receiving hours: by appointment only


Academic Coordinators
Paola Molino (DiSSGeA):
Alexandra Chavarria (DBC)
Rita Salis (FISPPA):
Fiona Clare Dalziel (DISLL):

Call 2021/22

  Partner Universities

All administrative information is provided in the Erasmus+ for Studies Call.

It is recommended that the student consults the the Fact Sheets on Moodle and the webpages of the partner Universities (paying close attention to the academic courses on offer) and that they contact the Academic Coordinator, to decide the exams that will be taken abroad, providing their names, in the original language, in the activity proposal to be attached to the application.

  Application process

Students from the School of Human Sciences can choose TWO destinations in order of preference.

It is advised that students, before submitting their application, speak to their Academic Coordinator and consult the Fact Sheets and webpages of the University abroad to determine the level of language required and to define the activity proposal; this must be attached to the application and must contain the names of the intended courses in their original language.

For the application procedure and the relative documentation, consult the page Apply to Erasmus.

  Admission and selection criteria

Students are selected based on the priority and then based on merit and on the evaluation of the academic coordinator who will select the students based on the following criteria:

  • number of exams sat/credits gained and average results;
  • personal motivations expressed by the student
  • Level of linguistic competence required by the host university (to self-certify)
  • How long the student has been enrolled at the University

Students who are not selected can remain in the ranking list for both destinations chosen for possible replacements. Students who are selected on one destination will automatically be excluded from the ranking list of the other destination chosen.

  Language competence

Adequate knowledge of the language of the destination country is recommended (level B1). 

At the time of submitting your Unipd application it is sufficient to self-certify the level of language knowledge.

For many destinations, a language certificate will be required by the host University at the time of application. Successful students must check on the website of the host University the language requirements and certifications (if required).

  List of successful applicants

  • Publication of list of successful students First Call: from 8th April 2021
  • Publication of list of successful students Second Call: from 16th June 2021

The lists will be published exclusively on the Erasmus+ for studies page. This will be the only method of publication.

There will be no personal communications, neither written nor by telephone.

Successful students must accept their place according to the procedures and deadlines indicated on the page Accept Erasmus Place.

  Learning Agreement

Before departing, students in the Erasmus programme must submit a detailed study plan (Learning Agreement) in which the courses they intend to take abroad are indicated. The Learning Agreement must be completed exclusively on Uniweb and must be approved by the Academic Coordinator or, for the FISPPA department, by the Head of the degree course or their delegate.

Students are required to check the foreign courses that they are interested in, their names, codes and the language in which they will be taught and assessed, and to then choose those that also satisfy the requirements of the Italian system.

It is up to the Academic Coordinator to verify the completion of the Learning Agreement and check, together with the student, how their chosen exams will be recognised in their university career.

The courses will be attended at the host university according to the same conditions outlined for students regularly enrolled.

Work activities in businesses, museums, laboratories, libraries etc. of adequate documentation may be considered as internships/placements, by approval of the degree course board.

Redundant credits that cannot be associated with corresponding exams at our Institution can be used by the student as ‘chosen’ or ‘outside plan’ credits.

The Learning Agreement must be approved on Uniweb by the Academic Coordinator or the Head of the degree course for students of FISPPA, before the Grant Agreement can be signed.

Attention: after having been approved by the Academic Coordinator, the student must have the Learning Agreement signed by the institution abroad and then upload it under ‘Student Area’ on (it will be necessary to log in in order to access the appropriate link). Students that complete thesis or doctoral work must attach a letter from their supervisor/tutor in Padova to their Learning Agreement – available here.

More information about the Learning Agreement is available on Moodle.

  Completing documents for the University abroad

Students are required to obtain information, with the support of the Mobility Desk at the School, on the application procedures and deadlines at the host University and on how to apply for accommodation.

For more information visit the fact sheets and the webpages of the host University.

General dates to compile the foreign documentation are available on the page Accept Erasmus placeRegister at the University abroad

  Recognition of activities carried out abroad

It is up to the Academic Coordinator to carry out the registration of all the exams.

The student must recognize the activities carried out abroad within 15 days of receiving the protected PDF of the Transcript of Records issued by the the Mobility Desk in their School or Department.

In order to carry out the recognition, the Transcript of Records must correspond accurately to the Learning Agreement.

For the conversion of foreign credits to Italian credits according to European rules, consult the page: Conversion of the grades and ECTS table.

More information about the procedure is available on Moodle.