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International Staff Training Week 2024

Global Perspectives and Strategies in Higher Education Partnerships

The University of Padua invites partners and colleagues to participate in the International Staff Training Week on the topic of “Global Perspectives and Strategies in Higher Education Partnerships”, taking place in Padua,  October 7-11,  2024.
Join us to discuss opportunities and challenges related to partnerships, look into practical applications and outcomes, share experiences and best practices.

Objectives: Partnerships are pivotal drivers of innovation, internationalization, and academic excellence in higher education. They facilitate research collaborations, promote cross-cultural exchange, and enrich the educational experience for students and faculty alike. However, capitalizing on partnerships to maximize their impact requires careful consideration and strategic planning.
This International Staff Training Week aims to equip participants with best practices and strategies to not only identify promising partnership opportunities but also to cultivate, monitor and sustain them effectively. Through the contribution of international speakers and presentation of case studies from across the globe, the event will look at ways of leveraging on mutual institutional strengths, and aligning partnership goals with broader academic and institutional objectives.

Who can participate: Administrative and academic staff members from Higher Education Institutions across the globe. An active engagement of all participants is expected throughout the Training Week (case studies presentations, group work & discussion, etc.). Previous experience in strategic partnerships is considered as an asset.

When: October 7 - 11, 2024

Where: University of Padua, Italy

Costs: the event is free of charge. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. The event is eligible for Erasmus+ funding for staff mobility.

Language: English

Number of available places: 25


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