CliVEx - Climate Justice: From Inequality to Inclusion

CliVEx - Climate Virtual ExChangeCo-funded by the Erasmus Programme of EU

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CliVEx - Climate Virtual ExChange: Enhancing climate awareness in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean Area is a project funded in the framework of the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Virtual Exchange Programme.

The project is coordinated by UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union, and jointly implemented by the University of Padua, the An-Najah National University, the Lebanese International University, the Sharing Perspectives Foundation, and the Soliya Association.

The project activities include the implementation of the virtual exchange programme "Climate Justice: From Inequality to Inclusion", addressed to students from partner universities and aiming to promote intercultural dialogue on the topic of climate change.

Students will work both individually and in teams with the aim to deliver a Climate Action Project. Teams will groups students from the different universities in a multicultural and interdisciplinary perspective.

Download the course syllabus.

  Credit recognition

The University of Padua awards 3 ECTS for other educational activities, subject to the inclusion of the course "Climate Justice: From Inequality to Inclusion" in the students’ booklet.

The possibility to have those credits added as a curricular activity is not granted, whereas the possibility to have those credits added as an extra-curricular activity is always possible.

Students are invited to enquire in advance about any restrictions and rules relating for their specific Degree Programme and, in case of doubt, to contact the President of their Programme or their delegate for confirmation.

  Admission requirements

  • be regularly enrolled in a Bachelor, Master's or single-cycle Degree Programme at the University of Padua, with the exclusion of those enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor Degree (first cycle), students on incoming mobility to Padua, and students who have reached the age of 30
  • have at least a B2 proficiency in English, or be enrolled in or have successfully completed a Bachelor, Master or single-cycle Degree Programme in English.

  Useful information

When: 4th March 2024 – 10th May 2024
Number of available places for students of the University of Padua: 30
Cost: free of charge

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