Accommodation - Joint/Double Degrees

Halls of residence

If you wish to request on-campus accommodation, you will have to fill in an Accommodation form.

Double and joint degree students’ requests for on-campus accommodation are prioritised and a place in the halls of residence is usually guaranteed to all students who apply before the deadline; should the requests exceed the number of places available in the residence halls, extra-European students will be favoured (in consideration of the visa requirements about accommodation).

Padua has a large student population: finding accommodation may be very difficult. Therefore we warmly recommend that you request a place in the residence halls, keeping in mind that the number of single rooms is in any case very limited.

In order to complete the Accommodation form, you must register on the ESU portal first, then access the reserved area ("Sportello Studente") with your new credentials and click on "SASSA Accommodation form".

Attention! The system will automatically calculate a "Codice Fiscale" (Italian tax code) based on the data you inserted. That code will be your ESU portal username, but it may not be your real Codice Fiscale, depending on the correctness of the data you inserted.

Deadlines: The starting and closing dates of the Accommodation form will be published within May.

  Private housing

Private housing
All students can search for private accommodation on HousingAnywhere, an international housing platform for students, PhD candidates and trainees. Through HousingAnywhere they can safely book their new accommodation, offered by verified private landlords and by outgoing students. Rooms offered by outgoing students can be easily recognized thanks to the "Verified Student" VIP badge on their profile.
To receive an UniPd VIP profile and priority access to the listings:
For more information:

  Private colleges

You can also book an accommodation in one of the private colleges available, you will have to contact them directly.

via Delù 8, 35131 Padova
Tel: 049 838 0043

Casa della giovane Sacra Famiglia (women only).
The college is located in the quiet area of Sacra Famiglia area of Padua, well connected via public transport to reach the city centre, university buildings and the train station.
The college has 50 single rooms and 2 double rooms, all with en-suite bathroom. Each 12 rooms there is a shared kitchen. The structure provides also for wi-fi, laundry room with washing machine and dryer, study rooms, bike box with some bicycles available for the students.

Via Cremona, 7 35142 Padova
Tel + 39 049 8751400
Instagram: collegiosacrafamigliapadova

Collegio Bottani (women only)
via Pietro Bembo, 61/B - 35124 Padova
tel +39 049 8803233

Collegio Universitario Gregorianum (men only)
Collegio Gregorianum has 60 seats in single rooms. The structure is equipped with an internal canteen (open from Monday to Friday), sport courts, library, computer room, internet wi-fi. Language lessons in English are offered and moments of cultural-religious deepening are offered. Internal classes lead by PhDs are organized to support students in daily study. Italian language lessons can be held on request of the accepted students.
via Marcel Proust 10 - 35128 Padova
tel. +39 049 756011 - fax: 049 756963

CUAMM is a key part of the non-governmental organisation Medici con l’Africa and has operated in Africa for more than 50 years. It is a mixed college that provides accommodation for 60 students in single rooms. It also has a canteen, libraries, study halls, internet access and recreational areas.
via San Francesco 126 - 35121 Padova
tel. +39 049 8751279

Don Nicola Mazza
This organisation has two halls of residence in Padova, "Giuseppe Tosi" and "Isabella Scopoli". Both halls are in an excellent location near to University faculties and offer a wide range of cultural and recreational facilities. Admission is governed by a competition and prices vary according to a student’s family’s means.

“Giuseppe Tosi” (men only)
via Savonarola 176 - 35137 Padova
tel. 049 8734411 – fax 049 8719477

“Isabella Scopoli” (women only)
via Belzoni 146 - 35121 Padova
tel. 049 8732210 – fax 049 8732251

Fondazione Centro Universitario Padovano
This foundation runs a hall for young graduates, especially doctoral degree students, medical post-grads, and University scholarship holders.
via Zabarella 82 - 35121 Padova
tel. +39 049 8764688 - fax.: 049 651937

Istituto Sorelle della Misericordia (women only)
This hall of residence is for women only and is run by nuns. It is in one of the most central and beautiful locations in the city. It has 22 double rooms and 16 single rooms, all with private bathroom, air-conditioning and internet connection. It also has study halls, garden, kitchenette, living rooms with TV, library, gym, multipurpose room, music room, laundry, ironing room and chapel.
Prato della Valle 103 - 35123 Padova
tel. +39 049 8750857 – mobile: 3487043825

Marianum (women only)
This hall is for women only and has 80 places for students and 11 doctoral degree. The structure offers an enviroment suitable for studying, with single and double rooms with private bathroom, library and newspaper library, computer rooms, wi-fi access, conference room, chapel, and music hall, as well as spaces for recreational activities (tv rooms, gym, recreational area).

via Giotto 33 - 35121 Padova
tel. +39 049 654225

Residenza femminile Forcellini e Residenza maschile Murialdo
Forcellini Hall of Residence (women only) and Murialdo Hall of Residence (men only). Both these hall of residence have double and triple rooms with a bathroom either en-suite or on the corridor. All University students can lunch at the annex canteens thanks to an agreement with ESU. Both have study halls, wi-fi, and a park. Murialdo also has a soundproof music room for rehearsals.

via Forcellini 172 - 35128
tel. +39 049 8033100

via Grassi 42 - 35129 Padova
tel. +39 049 8943811

Residenze IRPEA
Four Halls of residence (Casa Lombardo, Casa Santa Caterina, Casa Vanzo, Casa Vinicio Dalla Vecchia) in the city centre

Residenza Messori
via Andrea Briosco 19, 35123, Prato della Valle, Padova
tel. +39 348 8046347

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