Accommodation - Joint/Double Degrees

Halls of residence

If you wish to request on-campus accommodation, you will have to fill in an Accommodation form.

Although double and joint degree students' requests for on-campus accommodation are prioritised, non European students' requests will be favoured (in consideration of the visa requirements about accommodation).
Given the very limited number of rooms available in the dorms for stays starting in the second semester, we advise European students arriving in February-March to look for private accommodation and to start looking at least 3-4 months in advance.

Padua has a large student population: finding accommodation may be very difficult. Therefore we warmly recommend that you request a place in the residence halls, keeping in mind that the number of rooms is in any case very limited.

Deadlines: students will be personally invited by email to fill out the Accommodation form around May/June and October/November.

  Private housing

Private housing
All students can search for private accommodation on HousingAnywhere, an international housing platform for students, PhD candidates and trainees. Through HousingAnywhere they can safely book their new accommodation, offered by verified private landlords and by outgoing students. Rooms offered by outgoing students can be easily recognized thanks to the "Verified Student" VIP badge on their profile.
To receive an UniPd VIP profile and priority access to the listings:
For more information:

  Private colleges and Catholic University Colleges

You can also book an accommodation in one of the private colleges or in a Catholic University College available; you will have to contact them directly.

Check the list on the Italian website.

Relevant procedures - Joint/double Degrees

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