The Course Catalogue

The University of Padova is a large comprehensive research intensive university, made of a central leadership and 32 Departments. The central administration is complemented by decentralised units (e.g. in each Department).

Degree programmes are in the capacity of the Departments, based on the guidelines decided centrally. University degree programmes are grouped into 8 main areas (Schools).

As a whole, the University offers about 80 first-cycle (Bachelor level) degree courses as well as about 80 second-cycle (Master level) degree courses and 11 one-tier degree courses (5 or 6 years long). Again as a whole, within the above degree courses it offers over 4.450 taught course units and other educational activities for a total of about 30.400 ECTS credits.

An institutional  multitask and fully bilingual Course Catalogue is available in Italian and in English. A direct switch from the IT to the EN version and vice-versa is possible at any step of the related web-tree. This catalogue fulfils several tasks and contains exhaustive academic and administrative information.

How to use the bilingual Course Catalogue

The catalogue is organised by School, by level and by degree course, with further menu items. The general template is common to all degree courses and to all course units. The revision and updating work is constantly ongoing. The catalogue contains relevant information for students, as required by the ECTS user’s guide for the Course Catalogue.

Relevant information for students can be obtained by selecting and clicking the appropriate menu items on the page of a given degree course, 

The list of available course units, including credits, calendar, teacher and teacher’s CV, can be found at the menu item entitled:

  • Insegnamenti del corso di studio offerti nell'A.A. XXXX/XY (Italian version)/

Course catalogue for a.y. XXXX/XY (English version)                

The page of any listed course unit is then available, where the Syllabus item (so far only available in the English version for course units held in English) provides information about the

  • Conoscenze e abilità da acquisire (Italian version)/ Target skills and knowledge (English version)

which will be fostered in that same course unit.

The plan(s) for study progression can be found in the menu item

  • Principali informazioni sul corso / Degree course details

on "Allegato 2 / Annex 2" and/or  "Allegato 3 / Annex 3" under the sub-item entitled:

  • Regolamento didattico (Italian version)/ Degree programme regulations (English version)

At present, educational aims, competences to be developed in the degree course and programme learning outcomes are only detailed in the Italian version respectively under the following two menu items of the degree course page:

  • Obiettivi formativi del corso di studio (main intended learning outcomes and short description of the  learning path in the degree programme)
  • Risultati di apprendimento attesi, espressi tramite i descrittori europei del titolo di studio (Dublin Descriptors specific to the degree-programme)

A useful aid is provided through special filters when searching for a specific item, by inserting a word (at least three characters) in the “search” box on the top right hand corner:

  • Cerca (Italian version)/Search (English version)

Filters are available for both the content (course units, Lecture responsible for the course unit, degree course) and the period (annual/ semester/quarter).


Departmental website

A general and more user friendly  description of the degree course, in most cases only available in Italian at present, can also be found at the departmental website, which can be accessed from the fully bilingual Course Catalogue by browsing within each degree course section according to:

  • riferimenti / links, where you can find a link to strutture di riferimento / website of the academic structure. See and click there for items related to a general description of the degree course.


Other relevant information in the Italian version of the website

  Other pathways to the Course Catalogue

Access to the bilingual Course Catalogue is also possible through the following links from the English version of the University website: