Double Title, Multiple Title and Joint Title Programs

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The University of Padua promotes student mobility to Partner Institutions under Double Degree, Multiple Degree and Joint Degree Programs. These programs allow students who are enrolled in specific study programmes, to carry out periods of mobility, in partner universities and to obtain, at the end of the programme, two degree titles, one issued by UniPD and the other one from the partner university.

Recognition of the activities carried out abroad is guaranteed by the Learning Agreement to be completed before departure and updated during the mobility if necessary. The LA is to be completed on the basis of a predetermined study plan set by the Agreement between the institutions. Attainment of credits is required by specific deadlines.

Here you can find the ways and rules of filling out the Learning Agreement.

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  How to participate

Only students enrolled in the specific bachelor's, master's, single-cycle degree and master's degree programs for which dual, multiple or joint degree agreements exist and are active may participate in such programs.

To learn about available pathways, selection methods, deadlines and contacts, see the List of Active Agreements. Selections are organized by the degree courses or departments. Criteria, methods and deadlines may therefore vary. It is therefore advisable to inquire at the relevant departments.


The University provides, according to the availability of funds in the budget, scholarships for students of Double Degree, Multiple Degree and Joint Degree courses not subject to Erasmus Mundus funding.

In the academic year 2022/2023, the grants are composed as follows:

  • 700 euros per month on UNIPD funds (for a maximum of 12 months, based on the lenght of the mobility set by the exchange agreement) for students on mobility in non-European countries.
  • Erasmus grant supplemented with UNIPD funds up to a maximum of 500 euros per month in total (for a maximum of 12 months, based on the length of the mobility set by the exchange agreement). PLEASE NOTE: those who benefit from an Erasmus grant are required to comply with all the rules of the Erasmus Program The scholarship will be awarded automatically upon notification from the Departments, therefore, it is NOT necessary to apply to the Erasmus call.
  • there may be ZERO GRANT mobility (without any funding), based on the rankings drawn up during the selections under the calls published by the Departments.


Different programs (Dual Title/Joint Title/Multiple Title) may have different procedures for the graduation.

Keeping in mind the variability of procedures between programs and the need to inquire at both the partner institution and one's own department, those graduating abroad will need to follow the deadlines and procedures of the partner university and will be contacted by their Unipd department for any fulfillment. Students graduating at Unipd, on the other hand, will have to follow the procedures and deadlines of the University of Padua, like those enrolled in standard courses.

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