How to apply

The University of Padova welcomes applications from well-qualified international students. You are considered an “international student” if you hold a non-Italian academic diploma, degree or equivalent.

Apply for a full degree course

To be eligible for admission to an Italian university programme, you will need a minimum 12-year school record.

Applications for academic year 2018/19 will:

  • For English-taught degree courses: open in early January 2017 and close on 28 February 2018 - check application procedures
  • For Italian-taught degree courses: open in Spring 2018 and close in August 2018 (dates vary depending on the course) - check application procedures

Please note: courses at the University of Padova start in September/October of every year and January entry is not offered.

Apply for recognition of previous studies

If you are applying for a degree course and you would like to have some of your previous studies / educational activities recognized and credited to your degree, visit the dedicated page

Apply for a single course unit

If you are you interested in attending single course units and take the corresponding exams without having to be enrolled in any degree course, visit the dedicated page.

International Relations Office

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