How to apply


Pre-enrolment is now openfor the 2017/18 academic year. Candidates (EU and non-EU citizens residing abroad) must complete their pre-enrolment by following carefully the instructions which can be found in the admission notices. Non-EU candidates residing abroad must present their pre-enrolment application at an Italian Embassy (see below).

The admission notices of these courses and any further information are available on, by choosing the favourite course and reading the instructions in the admission notice.

Those who are enrolling in a second-level degree course must have a valid university or post-secondary qualification which must be legalized and translated into Italian, including a declaration of the level of the qualification.

Enrollments of EU/EU equated and non-EU are following different steps:

- Citizens from Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Repubblica di San Marino and Liechtenstein are considered as EU citizens; all Non-EU citizens with a residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno) or a residence card (Carta di soggiorno) for work, family, religion or political asylum are treated like a EU citizens.
In case of dual citizenship, the Italian citizenship prevails (by law 31 May 1995, n. 218 art. 19).

Here some advices for the two different kinds of applications:

On line pre-enrolment is generally is available from February (but often later for most courses in Italian) and ends one week before the admission test. Admission tests are starting during the last days of August and finishing in mid-September. Pre-enrolment deadlines are specified in the admission bulletins (read them carefully).

Non-EU citizen owning a residence permit for study, who previuosly enrlolled in degree courses in an Italian university,  must observe the same procedures as EU citizens, in order to take the admission test to course degrees with restricted number of places (ad accesso programmato); the final score will be published in the same admission list.

Admission to 1st cycle, single-cycle and 2nd cycle degrees can be:

  • with restricted number of places (ad accesso programmato): places are limited for anybody (either EU or EU-equated citizens). Applicants who choose a course with restricted number of places must read the admission bulletin board carefully, pre-enrol, check the list of admitted applicants and enrol according to the admission bulletin board rule. Non-EU applicants must check if the chosen course has a contingente riservato (a number of reserved places for non-EU students residing outside Italy)
  • with compulsory assessment test (con prova di accertamento obbligatoria): there are no limited places for EU and EU-equated citizens. However, an assessment test is provided to identify possible educational debts. Applicants who chose a course with a compulsory assessment test must read the admission bulletin board carefully, pre-enrol, check the educational debts list and enrol according to the admission bulletin board regulations.
  • with admission requirements (con requisiti di ammissione): there are no limited places for EU and EU-equated citizens, but applicants must meet the requirements of the chosen course. Sometimes it is provided a compulsory assessment test too.

Contacts: Foreign Qualification Office (Ufficio Titoli Esteri

The enrolment office is located in Padua, street Venezia 13 (near to ‘Fiera’) and it is open :
10 July- 25 August 2017:
- from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 - p.m. It is closed from 7 to 18 August.
28 August- 29 September 2017:
- Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
- Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
2- 26 October 2017: 
- from Monday to Friday , from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Further information about:
Erasmus and other Exchange Programmes
Erasmus Mundus
Marco Polo Project
Applying for single course units (up to 4 for each academic year)
Tuition Fee-waivers for students enrolling in Degrees Courses held in English
Tuition Fee-waivers for international students enrolling in degree courses held in Italian

Use of personal data
In reference to the provisions stipulated in Legislative Decree no. 196, dated 30 June 2003 “Personal data protection code”, the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data and, in particular, the provisions of art. 13, personal information provided by applicants will be collected by authorized staff members of the University of Padua for the express purposes of organizing the admissions process and will be processed by computer. The treatment of said data, for those admitted to the study program, will continue after registration for purpose of assisting students in organizing their academic careers.
Providing the university with such data is necessary for the evaluation of requirements for participation, under penalty of disqualification.
The information provided may be disclosed only to local public authorities directly interested in the academic position of the candidates or the supervision of the admissions process.
Interested parties retain their rights under Articles. 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the said Legislative Decree, which include the right of access to data relating to themselves, and any additional rights including the right to correct, update or delete incorrect, incomplete or collected information that does not conform to the law and/or the right to object to the processing thereof for legitimate reasons.
These rights may be exercised against the University of Padua - Via VIII Febbraio, 1848 n. 2, the official data controller.

Nomination of the head of competitive admissions procedures
Under Article 4, of Law no. 241, dated 7 August 1990 (New regulations governing administrative procedures and the right of access to administrative documents), and subsequent amendments, the Chairman of the Examining Board was appointed as head of the administrative procedures for admissions.
Candidates are entitled to exercise their right to access procedural documents regarding the admissions procedure, in the manner prescribed by the Presidential Decree no. 184, dated 12 April 2006 (Regulations concerning access to administrative documents in accordance with Chapter V of Law no. 241/90). The Student Administration Office Manager, Mr. Donato Sigolo, has been appointed supervise the procedures relating to student files and the access thereof.