Talent@Unipd: supporting ERC candidates

Talent Unipd

The University of Padova has launched a scouting initiative called "Talent @UniPD" supporting excellent research to be conducted on its premises.

The aim of the Talent @UniPD initiative is to attract the most promising candidates (Principal Investigators - PIs), who intend to compete for the annual calls "ERC Starting Grant" and "ERC Consolidator Grant", funded by the European Commission in the framework of Horizon 2020.

The European Research Council rewards frontier research in any field of knowledge and funds visionary and high-risk projects, that must be conducted by internationally recognized, high-profile researchers. The proposal has to be submitted with a Host Institution located in a EU Member State or Associated Country.

The University of Padova supports PIs during all application phases, upon agreement with the selected department.

Selected researchers will benefit from a variety of dedicated measures offered by the University  of Padova. 

Call Consolidator Grant 2023

Call Starting Grant 2023 

Choosing Padova as Host Institution

Closed calls

Call Starting Grant 2022
Call Consolidator Grant 2022
Call Starting & Consolidator Grant 2021
Call Starting Grant 2020
Call Starting Grant 2019
Call Starting Grant 2018
Call Consolidator Grant 2020
Call Consolidator Grant 2019
Call Consolidator Grant 2018

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