Summer and Winter Schools

Every year, in keeping with its policy of promoting internationalisation, the University of Padua offers students the opportunity to attend Summer and Winter Schools organized in collaboration with academic institutions or other international organizations. The initiative is designed to provide early support for short-term intensive courses of high quality, targeted at different types of users: both Italian and foreign researchers, doctoral students, post-graduate students or professionals and public or private employees.

At least 30% of the lecturers must come from foreign Institutions and the use of a foreign language (different from Italian) as language of instruction is compulsory. The courses carry training credits that will be recognised for overall study programmes and life-long education.
Whilst International Summer and Winter Schools may differ widely one from another, certain common elements remain the same, such as the duration (intensive courses lasting 1-3 weeks) and a high proportion of internationally sourced teachers.
Teaching staff and students reside on campus for the duration of the course, the working language is English, and there is scope for the organization of workshops, exercises, seminars, laboratory activities and visits.

Participants are selected according to the quality of their CV and on the basis of international representation and equal gender opportunities.

Please check the lists of Summer and Winter Schools (ordered by academic year and date) below.

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Young Researchers Integrability School
WHERE: Teatro Verdi, Via dei Livello 32, 35139 Padova
WHEN: 21- 25 September, 2020
WHO MIGHT PARTICIPATE: PhD students, Post-docs, Specialists.
INFO: Alessandro Sfondrini,

Market Spaces, production sites and sound landscape of European cities
WHERE: Padua and Venice
WHEN: 14 - 16 September 2020, 22 - 24 March 2021
INFO: Elena Svalduz,

How to activate new International Summer and Winter School & Short Courses

Faculty members of the University of Padua (professors, coordinators of degree programmes or professors who will act as "point of reference" for Study Visits) can submit applications through the online procedure (please refer to the Italian website).

  Call 2020

For the year 2020, the University of Padua has approved an increase in the budget, hence the range of new activities:

  • International Summer / Winter Schools of the University of Padua. The initiative aims at providing an initial support for short, high-quality intensive courses, which are open to different categories of users, either Italian and international: students of Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree programmes, Ph.D. students, researchers or professionals and employees in public or private bodies. You may be given ECTS credits for it.
  • International Short Courses on transferable skills. These courses aim at developing the so-called ‘transferable’ skills related to cognitive, managerial, interpersonal and communication fields. These ‘transferable’ skills, such intercultural competences, interpersonal, teamworking and problem-solving skills, are essential to promote your professional growth and your entry into the labour market. There has been an increasing interest in those courses that are structured according to the innovative approach Challenge Based Learning. These courses are open to students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes of any scientific academic discipline division. Priority will be given to those courses involving partner companies.
  • Study Visits for students participating in foreign Summer/Winter Schools. The University of Padua will jointly fund a limited number of student mobility places in order to foster participation in Summer/Winter Schools organized by foreign institutions.

For further information:

Salvatore Messina
Phone: 0039 049 827 7405